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Photo by Rachel Joy Barehl

tom morgan

Babes to Know w/Tom Morgan

UPROAR December Instagram

UpRoar 12/12!

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Budgeting Emotions

tshirt pre-order

Shirt Pre-Order!

Notty Designs

Notty: Painter of Babes

S2 E3 of Babes to Know!

Ariana, Dkeama, and Helen from BQIC!

Rape Jokes

Cameron Esposito's Rape Jokes


Frustration to Finished Product

Trans Weight Training 101


Poem for Susan “Boomer” Jenkins (From the show Wentworth)


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S2 E1: Nothing is Okay with Rachel Wiley

I Feel Weird About My Body

I Feel Weird About My Body


“'Would you like a picture of the gender?'... So, I hear this confusing question and not surprisingly, I panic. I say yes to the ultrasound technician."

Poems by Simone Person

I’m growing older & deciding if I want to be happy or loved

April Poetry



Invite Positivity


The Friendship Barometer

Rachel Wiley

New Team Member Alert!

Detox Masculinity

"I understand why many of the people in my life have conflicting opinions about this Aziz Ansari debacle, the latest example of toxic masculinity."


"My biggest fear became my reality seven years ago when my Dad died suddenly."

Bianca Moore

"Turns out, PTSD doesn't have an expiration date and can feel fresh at all times."

Laura Camarillo

See more of Laura Camarillo's visual art!

Serial Blocker

"It is not entirely true that I don’t care what anyone thinks about me."

The Gin Pennies

Ohio's own Shanelle Lewis fronts The Gin Pennies' first single, Film Noir.


"When my heart hobbled into my next relationship, it did so under the impression that it would again soon be broken. And it was."

She's a Three

Listen to or read the latest blog post, a personal narrative from Christine Horvath.

Babes to Know Podcast

Listen to the latest episode and explore archives here!

UpRoar Live Comedy

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