New Team Member Alert!

Hey All - Christine Here. You may have noticed a significant gap in our publication schedule over the last few months. Since accountability is important to me, I want you to know that I've been experiencing some spikes in my anxiety and depression which have kept me away from Babe Roar.

I hope to continue delivering content as often as possible, however, per my therapist, I need to become comfortable with the fact that sometimes, I'm just going to need to take some time off and let the guilt go. I'll keep you posted in the future when this inevitably happens again with a time frame in which I plan to return to regular publication.

In an effort to address this inconsistency, I'm adding a new contributor to the team! Rachel Wiley, a seriously bomb-ass babe and powerful spoken word poet, is now sourcing poetry submissions! Take a minute to like her page on Facebook, watch one of her videos, and/or BUY HER BOOKS! We'll start publishing poems in April! Submissions will be taken on a rolling basis through

Learn even more about Rachel through an interview I did with her on my podcast, Babes to Know.

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