Poem for Susan “Boomer” Jenkins

This week's poem is written by Rachel Wiley, our very own Poetry Curator. Once you read this, you will inevitably want her to take your money, so here's the link to buy her latest book. xoxo (Christine)

Poem for Susan “Boomer” Jenkins

(From the show Wentworth)

And like a punch to the side of the head

there she is,

everything I have worked my whole fat life to never be


on screen

Susan “Boomer” Jenkins is

a goon

fat and loud

a graceless villain

unkempt and unbothered by the revulsion no one bothers to smuggle past her.

Susan “Boomer” Jenkins shakes people down for their revulsion

and brews the finest prison grog from it.

Susan “Boomer” Jenkins is

all fight

no flight

has never been weightless enough for flight

only dense enough for brute force

for ruin

for destruction

and she plays to this strength

Doesn't really know how not to

What unsettles me most about her is the obscene way that she wants

open mouthed and unreasonable

spilling onto everything

If I have wasted my life attempting to cinch in anything more than my body

it has been my wanting

for fear of it looking like a delusional appetite

on a body already appointed the mascot of greed.

Susan “Boomer” Jenkins

cries an ugly cry,

a blotchy faced angry wail for her wants

tantrums for someone to stay

someone to fight for her

someone to run into her wanting with their own wanting

for her to be the source of a want as hungry as her own

for someone to see the softness her bulk is capable of

the sweetness in her cloying

and in this Susan “Boomer” Jenkins

is my own sloppy heart

a greasy haired beast,caged,

longing for something to float gently down into her favor

so she will not have to drag it struggling to her chest

just once

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