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Your Newest Bisexual Comedy Crushes

September is the month we celebrate Bisexual pride, visibility, and our overall inability to thrive socially due to excessive blushing. Let's take a moment to celebrate some badass bisexual comics, all of which, let's be honest, I'm crushin' on HARD.

First of all, Franqi is a dream. She's funny as hell, and she has an incredible heart. I've recently had the opportunity to work with her on a new (secret?) project to support Black trans women and trans WOC. If you don't know her yet, now's your chance! Follow her on Twitter and Insta!

Rivkah got their start as a child actor, playing Katie, the unassuming, badass bassist in 2003's School of Rock. In addition to being a bonafide non-binary, bisexual BABE, they continue to act and perform comedic music. Follow them on TikTok for goofy vids and Instagram for COVID comedy content that will mitigate your quarantine depression for one more day!

Jay! Jay! Jay! Omg first of all, the sexiest goddamn thing is a bisexual man. Lots of societal factors want to shame men into hiding their true sexual identities, but when they emerge from the closet as queer, it's a big fuck you to all of that. And damn, y'all... I have been OBSESSED with Jay's twitter account recently. His feed is a millennial's dream: good jokes, pointed political commentary, and lots of Mariah Carey references. Please follow him now on Twitter and Insta.

This bi/pan babe has been a favorite of mine for a long time. Her internet presence is [100 emoji] and her comedy is [emoji with heart eyes] (I'm sorry I stole this bit from Gina Linetti). Her voice is lovely and her stage presence is playful. I would describe her vibe in the below clip as "like Natalie Merchant wrote a sarcastic, self-deprecating, comedic musical." Please take a moment from your day to give yourself a lil laugh by watching this video and following her Twitter.

Enjoy your new crop of crushes, bi's!


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