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I am so flattered that you enjoyed my content so much that you sought out more from me!


Before you read my undergrad thesis from 2011, I want to be accountable to the fact that it does not incorporate sufficient racial intersectionality in its reading. Since writing this paper, I have come to understand that, although it posits thought-provoking insights regarding sexism in comedy, it does not give Black women appropriate credit.


Since graduating college, I have come to understand how the intersections of our identities shape how we move in the world. I knew it was hard for women in comedy because I didn't see them nearly enough on Comedy Central or SNL or any of the comedy programs I loved growing up. It wasn't until after I wrote this paper and I actually became a comedian that saw how very disrespected women, especially Black women, are in this industry.


Comedy as an industry caters to young, single males. This boy's club disproportionately represses women, women of color, those in caretaker roles (i.e. teachers, nurses, parents), those in single income households, etc. who do not have the social access to the grind/backstratch culture. This is a great point that was brought to me by Erin Terry from Eyes Up Here Comedy in Asheville, NC.

If I were to write this again today, I would write it differently. I would cite much more from Moms Mabley, the first American female comedian, Wanda Sykes and Luenell. I regret not having done that research then, but in the time since, I have learned so much about Black women in comedy and the major players who are revolutionizing the field. Happily, if I had written this today, I'd have so much material to cite from a bevy of creators including Robin Thede, Issa Rae, Leslie Jones, Naomi Ekperigin, Ego Nwodim, Ziwe and Quinta Brunson.

Additionally, this is the only copy I could find, and it's one of the last drafts before final edits were made, so there are some typos and errors. My apologies!

Thank you again for reading. I'm glad I get to share these ideas with you. Find the text here.  

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