Budgeting Emotions

August 23, 2018

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I’m growing older & deciding if I want to be happy or loved & I’m not bell hooks or nothing in this motherfucker so I’m learning to ignore how I split apart realizing I can only choose one & not knowing which is lonelier

audrey metzger is a central ohio native with an interest in all things queer and artistic. she is a self-proclaimed cat lady, a writer of poems, and a coffee consumer. her goals include thriving (not just surviving) and becoming a teacher.

deserve & desire

did the way my...

The Law of Attraction states that all thoughts manifest into action. That our thoughts, both positive and negative, become our reality. Put simply, your thoughts can manifest positive change.

In any case, the trauma of beginning a new phase in life with seemingly few peers doesn't stop in elementary school. Baby Christine would be unhappy to learn that social anxiety continues all throughout adolescence and into adulthood. Making friends as an adult can...

Masculinity, much like your beard, has become unruly and unpredictable, and in order to be pleasing to others, it needs to be trimmed and oiled.

My biggest fear became my reality seven years ago when my Dad died suddenly.

Turns out, PTSD doesn't have an expiration date and can feel fresh at all times.

It is not entirely true that I don’t care what anyone thinks about me.

When my heart hobbled into my next relationship, it did so under the impression that it would again soon be broken. And it was.

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