Babes In Their Natural Habitat:
On Stage

If you haven't been traumatized by the past two years you’re either a saint or a sociopath.  Join Stephanie Jorgensen, recovering idiot, amateur comedian, single mom, educator and activist, with local comedians Christine Horvath (BabeRoar), Shaena, Mathias and Wonder Doug for an evening of healing trauma through "narrative therapy"... or stand up comedy.  Participate in independent processing exercises and feel free to share during our ending open mic.  Limited space available, purchase your tickets TODAY!

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Take a trip back in time with us to the sweaty, hormonally-charged hallways of your middle school. We've assembled some of our local favorites to show off their unexpected, surprising, and mind-blowing talents.


Bring your impressions, your musical skills, your weird party tricks, your knowledge of presidents, your dancing, your drawings, WHATEVER...just come ready to be a STAR. There's always room on our stage for YOU.