Budgeting Emotions

August 23, 2018

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What if, instead of giving into unhealthy impulses, I replaced those behaviors with actually good choices?

I hope it makes [the audience] feel light and airy. I want them to look at my pieces and think "That's not normal. It is like a dream. I can feel the otherworldly vibe and the magic.

The title and content dismantle the long-held low bar for rape jokes and replaces it with actually funny jokes about being sexually assaulted.

Since I've successfully created a space that I am proud of and happy that exists in my community, I wanted to provide a few tips for those who desire to create something new. If you don't know where to start, here is how UPROAR evolved from frustration to finis...

Start small, don't be afraid to ask for someone to go with you, and keep with it.

Susan “Boomer” Jenkins is all fight no flight has never been weightless enough for flight only dense enough for brute force for ruin

One moment later, I realized, “as if depression is not enough...” And thus, I acknowledged my internalized stigma against mental illness.

Ayyy Season 2 Episode 1 of Babes to Know Podcast is now LIVE!

There has always been a significant cloud of shame around the bigness of my body. It's all really jumbled up inside me like a knotted up pair of ear buds.

“'Would you like a picture of the gender?'... So, I hear this confusing question and not surprisingly, I panic.  I say yes to the ultrasound technician."

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